Ordan Cargo understands how important your exhibitions are for enhancing your trade and image, and expanding your world markets. This is why we don’t simply “ship your exhibits”, but provide a one-stop, comprehensive logistical solution for all your exhibition needs: planning, Insurance, pick-ups, transport to anywhere in the world by air, land or sea, customs clearance (for temporary Importation, consumed goods or permanent Imports), delivery to booth , setting up exhibitor’s area, onsite storage, handling of empties and arrangements for return – all within a Limited and strict time-table and with a high-level of creativity. In short, we make it easy for you.
International  exhibition logistics demand knowledge, expertise, experience and a deep understanding of the Industry. We are proud to have the team with all these qualities. We share decades of experience In various fields of industry and business, and a worldwide network of reliable agents that cater for all your needs.

Whether you are an exhibitor, or show organizer , Ordan Cargo Ltd can offer an impressive range of services that will enable you to achieve a satisfying and useful exhibition experiences.

Engelbert Humperdinck’s Performance – Summer of 2015.

Julio Iglesias Concert Equipment in Ben-Gurion Airport.

Julio Iglesias in Concert – Caesarea 2013.

Americano Circus In Performance.

Art Exhibitions – Sigalit Landau.

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Equipment In Ben-Gurion Airport – Going on Tour.

We are members of HEC ,specializing in international performances – for HEC website Click here

Ordan Cargo’s Service Providers are characterized by their Responsibility Flexibility and Initiatives.